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Omagh County Primary School, Omagh, County Tyrone

Year 7 'Beyond Bricks'

4th Dec 2023
This term, children in Year 7 have been working on the Beyond Bricks programme.
Beyond Bricks is Lego® Based Play which uses a 'recovery to discovery' approach to enhance children's overall mental health and wellbeing, now and in the future. Mindwise works with the school to support the pupils recover and discover new skills by focusing on five key aspects of emotional wellbeing as identified by the Education Authority 'Emotional Health and Wellbeing Framework'.
Social Resilience
Year 7 are taking part in a 5 week interactive programme in school. Each pupil will leave with a personalised toolkit to help them cope with all five areas of the Emotional Health and Wellbeing Framework to navigate their future with confidence.
Have a look at the photographs below to see the pupils with their recent builds!