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Omagh County Primary School, Omagh, County Tyrone

Year 6 Bounce Back (in the forest)

16th Nov 2022

Year 6 had their first big day out of the year, heading to Parkanaur Forest Park for a Bouncing Back programme provided by the Speedwell Trust.

After a remarkably calm bus journey we were split into groups for our first activity - the forest trail. We had to use a map to find our way around markers in the forest, which had various social dilemmas for us to ponder. Following a very pleasant stroll in the forest (with some slight unplanned detours) we all met up to do a minibeast hunt. We worked patiently to find lots of woodlice, spiders, millipedes and other creepy-crawlies. They were released back into the wild after a few minutes of study and they all seemed happy to get back to the peace and quiet of their various logs and rocks.

We had a break for lunch, and then it was back to work for our final tasks of the day. These were all tricky challenges that involved teamwork, trust and cooperation and everyone worked really well together to achieve our goals.

Finally we boarded the bus back to Omagh after a great day of activities with our classmates and very little writing. Thanks to Stephen at Speedwell for organising and running the day, and for making sure that we didn't all get lost in the forest!