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Omagh County Primary School, Omagh, County Tyrone

First Week Fun in Year 1!

10th Sep 2021

Well done to our boys and girls for making it to the end of their first full week in Year 1 at Omagh County. This week we have been busy learning lots of new things...

  • We started our new topic 'All About Me' - we had some brilliant ideas from everyone to add to our class planning pages!
  • Two new babies arrived in Year 1 - Charlie and Thea. We have been making bottles, changing nappies and rocking them to sleep every day.
  • We are thinking about what we look like and have been painting some beautiful self-portraits.
  • We created a very special birthday display in our classrooms and have been telling the class our age ('I am 4/5).
  • We have been getting to grips with our new pencil cases, spotting the difference between our writing pencil and colouring pencils.
  • We have been measuring how tall we are using a piece of string and talking about our heights using the words taller, tallest, smaller and smallest. We even tried to make towers smaller, taller and the same size as us!
  • We have loved talking about what we want to be when we grow up - from paleontologists to firefighters we have all jobs covered.
  • We have been learning how to hold our scissors properly (thumbs smiling up at the sky Year 1)
  • We are continuing to get to know all the different people in our class and are making lots of new friends at playtime. 

Enjoy looking through some of the photographs of our play at home and talking about them together. We can't wait to see you on Monday again. Enjoy lots of rest as we have another fun filled week ahead. 

REMINDER: PE on Monday. Multi-Skills and Little Artists clubs commence next week. 

Have a lovely weekend Year 1,

Mrs Pollock & Ms Bunce