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Omagh County Primary School, Omagh, County Tyrone

International Day of Languages

26th Sep 2018

Omagh County Primary & Nursery School celebrate European Day of Languages


Each year in Omagh County we celebrate European Day of Languages; it is a special day to celebrate linguistic diversity and to encourage language learning. This year each class participated in activities including painting flags, singing songs, tasting foods from around the world, language learning activities and dressing up in costumes from around the world. Primary Four performed a class assembly entitled ‘We all smile in the same language’ highlighting our similarities and differences to the school audience.

The annual event is a great way to celebrate the range of diversity in our school community and for children to share their knowledge of other languages, whilst also learning something new.

The school is excited to be welcoming back a weekly Mandarin tutor to school this year to teach the boys and girls in Omagh County how to speak the world’s most common language.

Second language learning has many proven benefits including;

  • Boosts brain power
  • Develops a person’s ability to multi-task
  • Memory is improved
  • First language is improved
  • Performance in other academic areas is enhanced
  • Improves flexibility and openness to other cultures
  • Expands career potential
  • Builds Self-Confidence

So the future is looking bright for the boys and girls in Omagh County Primary!